Pressure Relief Valve Systems

hydraulic pressure relief valves

Hydraulic Pressure Relief Valves and Frac Pump Relief Valves

Absolute Control offers Pressure relief valves useful for mud pump, managed pressure drilling, and frac pump applications. Our PRV’s are key to helping customers maintain constant control on upstream pressure control equipment. Our components are sourced from premium valve component manufacturer Cortec and can be configured to conform to customers specifications. PRV components include:

Hydraulic Power Units

Our hydraulic power units are typically stand-alone consoles that have been integrated into a frac pump manifold, which includes:

Primary hydraulic pumps
Hand pumps
Pressure relief valves
1-6 valve controls
Solenoid-actuated directional control valves

PCL-based HMI Control Console

Our PLC-Based HMI Control Console configurations include:

Touch screen displays
Display Abilities
  • Multiple Pressures
  • Positions
  • Set points
Battery backups available
Low/high alarm settings

Hydraulically Actuated Relief Valves

Our hydraulically actuated relief valve configurations include:

Cortec hydraulic relief valve
  • Zero to 15,000 psi working pressure
Studded inlet & outlet connections
  • Adaptable to API flange or hammer union connections
Electronic position
Reversible gate and seat
  • 3 inch orfices
Tungsten carbide gate and seats
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